• Friday , 22 September 2017

creating prayer spaces plain

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet space and get some rest.”  – Mark 6:31

Candle-Cross-TS-89905829-300x200This invitation from Jesus reminds us to pause and enter into a peaceful, prayerful place with God where you may best hear things only your spirit can fully understand. In this season of annual conferences, camps and retreats, and other summer activities, The Upper Room encourages you to create sacred spaces or quiet places where you and others can renew the soul in the midst of busyness. These are prayerfully designed and culled from the publications of The Upper Room. Some spaces may soothe the soul while others might challenge or even unsettle your spirit. Each invites you to listen, to grow, and to commune with our loving God.


Click on these 12 ideas for creating prayer stations in your settings. Each of these prayer spaces incorporates a visual focus, a simple, written meditation guide, and a prompt to respond to God’s calling.

1. All of Life

2. Life’s Knots and Tangles

3. The Blessing Bowl

4. Art from the Soul

5. “I Am Who I Am”

6. Text Message Prayers

7. Living the Questions

8. Audio Lectio

9. Mandala – God at the Center

10. Nature’s Gift

11. Drumbeat of Mercy

12. Prayer Wall


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