• Friday , 22 September 2017

All of Life

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Our faith tells us that God is actively involved in all of life. At the moment of birth, in the playfulness of a child, in the questions of a teenager, in the monotony of daily chores, in the loss of a loved one, in concern for an ill friend – God is there.  In the excitement of new life adventures, in the disappointment and pain of an unrealized dream, in the beauty of a sunset, in the silent cry of the abused – in all things God hears, God sees, God is aware.  We easily see God’s involvement when prayers are answered and hope abounds, yet we often question during times of trials: “Where is God?” “Why doesn’t God do something?” It takes conscious effort and discipline to look for and recognize God in all of life.  Yet to do so can bring a stronger faith and a greater sense of God’s work in the world.

Those who come to this prayer space are invited to a greater awareness of God’s presence in all of life.


Materials Needed:

Bible, index cards with scripture verses to look up and read, blank sheets of writing paper, pens or pencils, five or so pictures from magazines or printed from the internet that reflect current events and real life experiences with people expressing emotion. (Examples: Nepal, Baltimore, graduations, summer activities.) Mount each image on construction paper. Post sign with instruction. Pray a blessing on this space and all who come to it.

Scripture passages: 
Psalm 139:1-12 and Ecclesiastes 3:1

Credit: From Contemplative by Design by Gerrie L. Grimsley and Jane J. Young. Used by permission. All rights reserved. ©2015 The Upper Room


Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.


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