• Friday , 22 September 2017

ART from the SOUL

creating prayer spaces plain

In each issue of The Upper Room, we publish a “Prayer Workshop” article written by one of our authors or staff.  The prayer workshop invites us to try new ways to pray based on scripture or a biblical theme. The May/June 2015 includes a workshop by Dr. Dwight Judy, professor emeritus of spiritual formation at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, and author of A Quiet Pentecost: Inviting the Spirit into Congregational Life.    In this prayer workshop, Dr. Judy invites us to use our non-dominant hand in a contemplative art practice.

Materials needed:

  • a copy of The Upper Room daily devotional guide (May/June 2015) opened wide to the centerspread, pgs. 40-41.
  • Blank sheets of paper,
  • color pencils or markers,
  • crayons, basket, and
  • instruction sheet.

Invite participants to read the Prayer Workshop article and use the creative process and questions for reflection provided.

Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.


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