• Friday , 22 September 2017

Drumbeat of Mercy

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Sometimes we simply need to make noise in our prayer time to express our dissatisfaction and pain. In this prayer space, participants will use a drum to beat out a rhythm that reflects their desires for a better and just world, and be open to how God’s restorative mercy can shower down from heaven like rain and bring healing.


Read and Reflect:

Join the circle.
Don’t you hear it?
Where steady storied hands beat,
Beating to the rhythm of why and how long,
Knowing that what is, is not what has to be.

Beat on, don’t stop.
Pick up your drum and beat the mercy out of it.
Let the waves resound in the air.
Cause as long as there is a dance,
There is a need for the drum.

Beat on, friend.
Dance on, friend.
Don’t stop.
Pick up your drum and beat the love out of it.

Respond:  As your re-read the poem, beat out a rhythm on the drum

Inspired by Isaiah 58 and the work, words, and legacy of the politician and civil rights leader Barbara Jordan.  Jordan strived to provide life-giving, justice-increasing services to the under-served communities she represented.

-by Lanecia A. Rouse. From Alive Now, May/June 2015. Used with permission. All rights reserved. ©2015 The Upper Room


Material needs:  djembe drum, bongos or hand drums, or some something else that can be used to sound out a beat.  A copy of Alive Now – Poverty (May/June 2015). Post an instruction sign.

iStock_000048026472Large Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.



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