• Friday , 22 September 2017

Living the Questions

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Living in questions rather than answers is not a comfortable place for many of us. And in a culture where we are accustomed to being able to find out answers to nearly any question just by typing it into Google search or by asking Siri, living in the question is quite a counter-cultural practice – just like following Jesus. Why should we consider living in the questions when there are so many answers at our fingertips?  As Christians, we are called to live with the questions – the ones we ask God and the one that God asks us.   Remember God’s question to Adam and Eve: Where are you? Or consider Jesus’ question to Mary on Easter morning: Why are you crying?  In this space, take a few moments to draw forth the question, a mystery, you are living with.  Begin by using a spiritual practice, “sitting in the silence,” as an encouragement to struggle with the questions that are in your heart.


Materials needed:  Quiet place, candle, Bible, paper, pencils, and copies of the handout “Sitting in the Silence”.

For a printable copy of the handout “Sitting in the Silence” click here.


Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space. 


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