• Friday , 22 September 2017


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The word mandala is from the Indian language, Sanskrit.  Loosely translated to mean “circle,” mandalas offer us a reminder that although the spiritual journey has twist and turns, it still leads to God, our spiritual core.  Many different religions have used mandalas as a way of creating a sacred space.


Materials needed: Color marker or crayons in a basket

Print out copies of mandalas.

You can find a few sample patterns at these links:


Instructions: Choose a mandala pattern, take a deep breath, and tap into your creative self.  Enjoy the colors and shapes as you fill your mandala.  While you are coloring, pray for whatever is on your mind.   Also give thanks to God by saying, “Thank you for being my daily companion in this life.  You are always present.  Help me to see you around every corner, twist and turn.  Your presence comforts me, and gives me peace. Guide me as I walk in the way that leads to life.

mandalaClick here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.



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