• Friday , 22 September 2017

TEXT Message Prayers

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Never give up praying. And when you pray, keep alert and thankful. – Colossians 4:2


Read and Reflect: Teenagers are pros at texting. These short messages are quick, effective and easy. A few clicks of a touch are all it takes to connect with our friends, and within seconds, a conversation is started, a date set-up, or a story told.  If only talking to God were so easy!

When we think of prayer, some of us may picture a priest kneeling at the altar, praying in a solemn voice that echoes around the room.  But God doesn’t expect us all to pray in that way.  A simple “Hi, God. Thank you for protecting me on the drive to school” is a good start.  Praying can be easy as sending a text.  Saying little text message prayers can keep us connected to God throughout the day.  The next time you send a text, remember that in the same amount of time, you could say a prayer and spend time with God.

-by Abby Johanson, 17, Simpsonville, South Carolina.  From devozine, May/June 2015. “Text Message Prayers.”  Used by permission. 2015 The Upper Room


Respond: Take a few minutes and send a text message to a friend.  Check in with him or her to see if all is well.  Let them know you are thinking about them.  Now, as friends often do, turn to God and say a prayer for your friend.

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Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.



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