• Friday , 22 September 2017

The Blessing Bowl

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The Blessing bowl is a spiritual practice similar to the begging bowl or alms bowl used by Buddhist monks. The monks would use an empty bowl to collect alms (money or food) from their supporters. Each day they would go out and trust that the community around them would fill the bowl with what they needed for the day. The Blessing bowl can be used to share words of hope and encouragement to each other.  God tells us that words can bring life.  Fill the Blessing bowl with scripture, positive quotes, or prayers written on small strips of paper or post-it notes.  Ask participants to take one and leave one for another.


Materials needed:  blessing bowl – pottery or glass, strips of paper containing positive or challenging messages placed in bowl, blank strips of paper or post-it notes for participants to write on, Bible, pens or pencils.

Cut quotes into strips, fold each, and add to blessing bowl. You can add your own by using scripture verses. 

Click here to download and print sample “words of encouragement” and “scripture promises” for your blessing bowl. 


Click here for a printable sign and instruction sheet for this Prayer Space.


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