• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Being Meets Doing When South Carolina Floods


During disasters like the recent floods in South Carolina, the focus tends to be on what actions we can do to give aide.

Moyo, a new program launched in partnership between The Upper Room and Global Ministries UMC, gives us the tools to do more.

Here we believe that life is a matter of finding the balance between “being” and “doing” – between the inward journey toward self-knowledge and spiritual awareness and the outward journey toward relationships and direct action in the world. (Source: Moyo

The Moyo story of South Carolina native Melanie C. Gordon inspires readers to reflect, look inwardly, and join in prayer . . . and for those whose journey leads them to act, Moyo provides direction and suggestions.

Click here to read the complete Moyo article from Melanie C. Gordon.


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