• Monday , 24 July 2017

God is with the Brokenhearted


Today, on the prayer wall of The Upper Room Living Prayer Center, individuals have requested prayer for the friends and family of the three Muslim students who were murdered in North Carolina.

prayer request 2Prayer Request for NC

Such senseless violence leads us to grieve, anger, fear, and cry out for healing. We pray, not because it is the only thing to do, but because it connects us with community and God. Prayer is a tool to aide us in our healing, bring new understanding, and spur us to action.

In this time, let us pray together.

In the blog “On Being,”Omid Safi writes, “God is with the brokenhearted. I sure hope so, because there is a grief that no human being alone can bear.” 

Knowledge is more luminous than ignorance
Justice is more beautiful than tyranny
Love is more divine than hatred. (Safi)

Join us in praying at the PRAYER WALL. May God be with us. May God be with us all.

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  1. Marti Williams
    February 13, 2015 at 7:55 pm Reply

    Claire McKeever-Burgett shares a poignant prayer of mourning for those in North Carolina on her personal blog, Pastor Poet:

    There’s a prayer that goes something like this:
    Let our prayers rise up like incense before you…
    and on this particular morning, it seems only right
    to pray, instead, Let our tears rise up like incense before you.

    Visit this url to read more:

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