• Friday , 22 September 2017

Praying for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

We pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, especially those who have lost family and friends. We pray for those who have lost homes, cars, possessions, and things that hold special memories. We pray for those experiencing interruptions in business, school, transportation, and healthcare. We pray for first responders and those answering the calls of people in need. We pray for those who lay down personal wellbeing for neighbors and strangers alike. We pray for officials and leaders who instruct action and guide the work of recovery. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.


The Upper Room is listening to church leaders and others in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to provide resources for prayer and spiritual care during this time of crisis.


The Living Prayer Center, staffed by caring, trained volunteers is open for prayer. Call 800-251-2468 or post your request online.


Prayers for Hope: Words of Faith for Difficult Times
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The winds blew and the waters rose … and the lives of people were changed forever. Disasters like hurricanes remind us of our fragile state as humans and the connection we have with people we may never meet. On the newscasts, we see their tormented faces and hear their shocking stories. We’re connected with them by God’s gift of compassion. We live in the heart of Christ who has compassion, who “”suffers with”” all who are in pain, including those who have had their lives turned upside down through sudden destruction. Click to read the introduction, “Living from the Center” from Stephen D. Bryant.


Photo by Julie Dowe

Breathing In and Out  
In times of trouble, “simple movements and body prayers become seeds of love.” Claire McKeever-Burgett reminds us to breathe, to dance, to move in Breathing In and Out (devozine Nov./Dec. 2016). “The mind, body, and spirit, after all, are not disconnected; the mind does not float above, severed from the heart. The spirit touches not only the heart but also the feet, the hips, and the arms. As breath comes in, the chest expands. As breath goes out, the shoulders relax.” Click here for a simple guide.

Resources from friends of The Upper Room:

Visit to read 5 Things You Can Do in response to Harvey.

Visit to find family resources and suggestions for holy conversation from the Rio Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church.



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