• Friday , 22 September 2017

Resources for Justice and Reconciliation

Here are a few resources from The Upper Room for your conversations about justice and reconciliation:

Forgiveness bk cover


Why does forgiveness, so central in Jesus’ life and teaching, seem much more difficult today?

Why are we so often told we should forgive but so seldom shown the steps toward forgiveness?

“Forgiveness is a perilous and volatile subject because it is so deeply intertwined with our communal and individual wounds,” Flora Wuellner writes in the introduction. She explores how Jesus’ Beatitudes promise us release from these wounds.

You are invited to begin your journey to forgiveness with these hope-filled meditations on each of the Beatitudes.


The Spirit and Art of Conflict TransformationTHE SPIRIT AND ART OF CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION by Tom Porter

Transforming conflict into a positive rather than a negative force is a spiritual pursuit and needs to be grounded in biblical principles: love of God, neighbor, and self. This book is a resource for leaders, ministers, mediators, facilitators, and conflict transformation consultants who want to approach the work in this way.


FA519 FreestyleFreestyle: Reflections on Faith, Family, Justice, and Pop Culture by Michael W. Waters

Rev. Dr. Michael Waters identifies as a member of the hip-hop generation living in an urban context. His purpose in writing is to inspire “hope in the promise of a new day, in the assurance of victory over defeat, and in the fulfillment of God’s promises within the created order.”


BK_9815MileInMyShoes-215x324A Mile in My Shoes by Trevor Hudson

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”  With this imperative, Jesus made compassion for others central to the Christian life. Being personally and deeply aware of the suffering of our neighbors (both near and abroad) requires deep listening and action.

black-lives-matter-art-329x388Black Lives Matter
The Rev. Fred Allen, national director for Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century, discusses in his commentary:  “How is the church doing with injustice?”



And, coming in 2015 . . .  Practicing Compassion by Frank Rogers

FA525 Practicing Compassion

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