• Wednesday , 23 August 2017

The Upper Room and Global Ministries
Partner to Open Office in Argentina

After months of praying, dreaming, and planning, The Upper Room and Global Ministries are partnering to open a Latin American regional office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sarah Wilke

Sarah Wilke

“It is incredible to have the opportunity to establish a collaborative presence for The Upper Room and Global Ministries in Latin America. While we have decades of a historical relationship, this effort creates a means of shared learning among Methodists in Latin America. We believe that we have much to learn and much to share in Latin America and across the globe.”—Sarah Wilke, publisher and world editor of The Upper Room


Read news about the partnership:


NEW YORK, NY, October 5, 2015—Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be the location of the Latin American regional office of the worldwide mission agency of The United Methodist Church.  

The General Board of Global Ministries, which has personnel, projects, and partners in more than 125 countries, is strategically moving from a centralized style of operations to one with closely aligned offices in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

In making the decision for Buenos Aires, directors of the agency decided that the office will be set up in partnership with The Upper Room, the daily devotional publication with three million readers worldwide, related to the denomination’s board of Discipleship Ministries. The Upper Room has also been looking for an organizational base in Latin America. Global Ministries’ directors decided last year that one of its regional offices would be established in Latin America, potentially in partnership with another denominational agency.

Read more: Buenos Aires Selected as Site for Latin American Mission Office – General Board of Global Ministries


  1. Louis Peters
    October 8, 2015 at 11:41 am Reply

    Do we have a comparable regional Center for the Caribbean, if yes where and if no, I think that it should be considered, because too many of our spiritual leaders need to be encouraged, coached and pushed to do more to keep their church pews with more congregants. And if members are encouraged to use the Upper Rooms products and services to help them with their efforts, more members will be able to relate to whatever that they reading in the Bible both at church and at home.

    • Jeremy Bakker
      October 9, 2015 at 11:46 am Reply

      This effort is the first of its kind. Nonetheless, The Upper Room has long had a presence in the Caribbean through its daily devotional and programs. We are always looking to develop and support partnerships throughout the world. For more on The Upper Room and its work across the globe, please contact our international office.

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