• Friday , 22 September 2017

Finding Christ in the Desert

164When Terrilynn McDonough’s daughter Megan deployed to Afghanistan last year, she knew the 27-year-old U.S. Air Force captain did not have a close relationship with the living Christ, and it weighed heavily on her heart.

She prayed daily for her daughter’s spiritual growth.Then one day, the Air Force mom learned from her daughter that her prayers were answered. One of Megan’s friends shared an extra copy of The Upper Room daily devotional guide, obtained through the base chaplain, and the little book’s personal stories and prayers ignited her faith.

“My daughter found Christ in the desert of Afghanistan because a follower of Christ had this little devotional,” Terrilynn wrote in a letter to The Upper Room. “What I was not able to do for her, Christ did through someone else.”

The magazine placed in Megan’s hands was one of 250,000 copies of The Upper Room distributed last year through chaplains serving U.S. military personnel and prison inmates.

As a way of saying “thank you,” Terrilynn sent a donation to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry. She is one of the hundreds of generous people who make this ministry possible. The chaplains’ initiative began in World War II when our readers spontaneously mailed us donations to underwrite copies to troops overseas. The program was later expanded to include prison chaplains.“I hope that these Godly books will do the same for someone else’s child as they have done for mine,” says Terrilynn.Friends, we need your support for this vital ministry.

Please consider giving a gift today that helps others like Megan find Christ in the pages of this inspiring devotional.

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