• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Iowa Conference: UM Men and the Prayer Line Ministry

Read this good news from Iowa! Men of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church are impacting lives through The Upper Room Living Prayer Center ministry.



IOWA: There is a lot of business on the docket for the upcoming Annual Conference (UMC), but it will also be a time for celebration, fellowship, and prayer. To provide prayerful support during this time, the Iowa Conference United Methodist Men will be manning the Prayer Line, which anyone is welcome to call with their prayer requests.

“We are scheduled to answer the prayer line during the meal breaks on Saturday and Sunday. What happens is the calls to the Upper Room Living Prayer Center will be re-routed to my phone, and we will be praying for these prayer requests that come in,” says Jim Smith of UM Men. “We will probably be answering a few dozen phone calls during each period. It depends on how many people call and how long they take to tell their story.”

The Nashville-based Upper Room prayer line was established in 1977, and the UM Men have been the main contributors to financing the prayer line over the years. Smith says that this will be the second time that they have done it at the Annual Conference. “We have done it at men’s retreats for probably 15 or 20 years,” he notes. “Not every year, but quite often at men’s retreats in Iowa, like before a conference rally or when we used to have overnight retreats, we would answer the phone and pray for those who are requesting prayer.”

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Source: Iowa Conference: UM Men and the Prayer Line Ministry

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