• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Is this Jesus?

For three years, volunteer Earl Fuller fielded all sorts of prayer requests by phone – about illness, death, job loss, family crisis. But this time, he wasn’t prepared for what he was about to hear after his usual greeting: “The Upper Room Living Prayer Center, may I pray with you?” 

Watch this video to hear what happened next . . .

“What did you say?” replied the voice of a young girl.

“This is The Upper Room Living Prayer Center,” Earl repeated. “May I pray with you?”

Silence. Earl waited.

The girl’s voice returned, this time filled with excitement.

“Is this . . . Is this . . . Jesus?”

At first, Earl chuckled. But then tears came to his eyes. How could he possibly respond to the hope and curiosity of this precious child? Finally, the words came.

“No, this isn’t Jesus,” he said, “but I am Jesus’ friend.”

That was enough for the girl. She said her name was Brittany. She needed prayer for a relative who “wasn’t in very good shape,” and so Earl prayed with her.

Afterward, Earl continued his prayers, giving thanks for Brittany and the Living Prayer Center. As he considered the girl’s initial confusion, he prayed that God “would keep me humble and that when people call looking for Jesus, and they just get me on the other end of the line, they will still find Him.”

People like Earl set aside precious time to volunteer for our Living Prayer Center. They provide connection and prayer for people in times of grief, concern, joy, and heartache. Each day, they answer over 800 prayer requests received through their personal phones or online.


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