• Wednesday , 23 August 2017

My Greatest Hope for This Ministry

Dale in front of carving (FEB 6)

Dale Rust Waymack

I first stepped into The Upper Room Chapel in Nashville on a cold and rainy Good Friday, 1966. I was 10 years old, on a tour with my church. When I walked inside, a life-size wood carving of The Last Supper, the centerpiece of the chapel, invited me into the warm embrace of Christ’s open arms.

Eight years later, I found my first job as a typist with The Upper Room, using shorthand to take dictated letters from the publisher. And in 1980, my husband Fred and I recited our wedding vows there, under that familiar image of Christ serving his disciples.

After 42 ½ years, I am retiring from The Upper Room where I most recently served as the director of International Ministries. This has been much more than a place to work; it has been a centering presence in my life. When I began my work here, I made a commitment to read the devotional every day. This daily time with God also connects me with millions around the world who are reading the same scripture and meditation in their own language. 

I have witnessed a steady commitment to share The Upper Room in 100 countries, in over 30 languages. A river pilot in Brazil gives copies of the devotional in various languages to shipmates. Faith-based organizations in Greece and the U.S. use The Upper Room as a literacy and evangelism tool in ministry with immigrants and refugees. A baker in South Africa wraps loaves of bread with the meditation each day. When monsoons in India disrupted national mail services, magazines were hand-carried across difficult terrain. During the “Cold War,” one publishing coordinator was regularly questioned by his country’s censorship officials who were suspicious that the devotional was more than it appeared to be. Through it all, he never relented and continued to translate and distribute this simple tool for sharing the love of Christ with all.

I give thanks for many friends, ministry partners, and donors who help The Upper Room—in all of its languages and formats—encourage prayer and scripture study around the world. 

My greatest hope for this ministry is that it remains relevant and accessible to persons in all walks of life, as it has been to me. Though I am retiring, I will continue reading The Upper Room each day. I ask that you join me in prayer for the ongoing work and reach of this ministry and that you consider a gift that invites the world into Christ’s warm embrace.

Ms. Dale Rust Waymack
Director of International Ministries


Consider a gift that helps keep The Upper Room daily devotional guide accessible around the world for years to come.



  1. Sonja Maynard
    March 15, 2017 at 8:44 am Reply

    Thank you Dale for sharing God’s love to the world. May God continue to use you for building his kingdom. God bless you dearly.

    In His Love,


  2. Don Ashworth
    March 15, 2017 at 10:30 am Reply

    Dale, what a wonderful story and a wonderful legacy you have made with the work you have done over the years. Thank you for what you’ve done, and God bless you in your retired life!

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