• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Remembering an Upper Room Friend, Louise Short

mrs short

Louise Baird Short, the widow of Bishop Roy H. Short, visiting The Upper Room Chapel and museum in 2013.



A lifelong friend of The Upper Room and faithful United Methodist, Louise Baird Short passed away on June 24th at the age of 110.

Mrs. Short was the widow of Bishop Short, the world editor of The Upper Room from 1944-1948.

During a visit to The Upper Room Chapel and Museum two years ago, Short reminded us that in her lifetime, The Upper Room grew from being just the publisher of the “little magazine” to a global ministry and movement of prayer, publications, programs, and connection with millions of people. She regularly shared treasured memories of Upper Room history and growth.

Louise Short was in her late teens in 1935, when the first edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide was printed and distributed. She was a regular visitor to The Upper Room Chapel and Museum since its opening in 1953. We honor and give thanks for the ways Louise Short ministered to us, the staff of The Upper Room through the years. She was an advocate for Upper Room Ministries and a dedicated prayer partner for our work and growth. We give God much thanks for the life of Louise Short and for her friendship with The Upper Room. Her witness reminds us of the deep history of this organization.

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