• Friday , 22 September 2017

Prayer for Mothers

Dear God Thank you for Mom copy

Each day, mothers praying for their children are a big part of the 800 prayers submitted to The Upper Room Living Prayer Center by phone, email, or prayer wall.

The new online prayer wall reflects those personal, heartfelt requests.

“Please pray for my son,” one mother wrote. “He has had many bad things happen to him, and he keeps trying to overcome them, but he is losing hope.”

Another mother requested prayer for her daughter; “she is having problems at work.” And another asked the community to “pray for my autistic son.”

Donna Bryant, staff of The Academy for Spiritual Formation, reminds us that the prayers of a mother can be formative for the child for whom prayer is requested. She says, “I remember days that I was sick and stayed home from school. While laying in bed (because that’s where we stayed if we were too sick to go to school), I could hear my mother pray after my siblings left for school. Listening to her call my name in prayer molded me spiritually in a way that nothing else could.”

This week, let’s honor our mothers, or any of those who have nourished us spiritually through the years. The Upper Room invites you to set aside time to pray for—and give thanks for—these special ones. We invite you to submit a prayer request or a prayer of thanksgiving for your mother, grandmother, or another special someone.


Let’s join together and pray for our mothers this week. Visit:



Consider a special Mother’s Day gift to The Upper Room as a special way to honor of your mother this year. Visit the Mother’s Day Giving Page. Give via the online Mother’s Day giving page this week, and download a digital Mother’s Day postcard to send to that special someone.