• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Prayer, Partnership, and Hope

God of grace and healing and community . . .

 . . . we enter this sanctuary this morning.

timthumbSteve Bryant, Associate General Secretary of Central Conference Relations and Resourcing with the Board of Discipleship (UMC), shared in The Upper Room Chapel worship Wednesday morning about Discipleship Resources International’s work on the continent of Africa and in the Philippines.

“It’s not about what we teach others,” said Bryant. “Instead, it’s about what others teach us.”

He then proceeded to share four “learnings” from his work with people in Central Conferences—the centrality of prayer, relationships, restoration, and resourcing.

“Prayer guides all that we do,” said Bryant. “We come alongside what is already happening; we listen; we partner. Then, and only then, do we share ideas for how we can help.” 

As a compliment to Bryant’s message, his colleague, Kara Oliver, Director of DRI Publishing, offered the “Prayers of the Community,” inspired by Luke 13: 10-17.

God of grace and healing and community,

As the bent over woman entered the synagogue,

            we enter this sanctuary this morning.

As she entered stooped from the pain of 18 years,

            we also entered weighed down and burdened.

As she knew to enter again into the community of faith,

            we continue our practice of gathering together.

Read the full prayer here


The Upper Room, where the world meets to pray, welcomes all to join us for weekly worship on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am.

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