• Sunday , 24 September 2017

A Champion for The Upper Room in Bulgaria

From the staff of Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room daily devotional guide

For us, the staff of Duchovna Manna, it is easy to recognize the voice of Mitko Dochev when he calls.

Every time, his voice is full of optimism; his greeting is just the same, and the topic is predictable—The Upper Room daily devotional guide.

Mitko is an older but very energetic man from a small town in western Bulgaria. He is a member of the local congregation and is passionate about sharing the Gospel with others and providing good materials for a disciplined devotional life.

“I would like to inform you that our spiritual business is developing very well,” he says. “This time I managed to distribute even more than last month.”

He continues, “Do not forget to send me the additional advertisement copies. More subscribers will follow soon out of them.”

When Mitko saw Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, for the first time many years ago, he realized then that it would be a very helpful instrument.

Bulgarian Upper Room cover

Mitko started a fundraising campaign in his congregation to offer more free copies of the devotional guide to people not in church and to those with difficulty paying for a subscription.

“I am doing all that for God, and I know that my efforts are not in vain,” he says. 

Mitko is a tireless enthusiast, and there are not many around like him.

His example is a strong motivation for us to continue our work, to run the spiritual business entrusted to us with new enthusiasm.

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