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2015 Holy Week Scriptures

As we near Holy Week, remember this helpful post from Alive Now, one of the magazine offerings of The Upper Room . . .


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We probably have more church services during Holy Week than any other week of the year. Even for the days when there aren’t specific services, there are still liturgical readings set aside for the celebration and observance of each day of Holy Week. We invite you to journey along with scripture for each day of Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday and going through Easter Sunday. Links to each of these texts can be found below:

Palm Sunday (March 29, 2015)

Passion Sunday (March 29, 2015)

Monday of Holy Week (March 30, 2015)

Tuesday of Holy Week (March 31, 2015)

Wednesday of Holy Week (April 1, 2015)

Maundy Thursday (April 2, 2015)

Good Friday (April 3, 2015)

Holy Saturday (April 4, 2015)

Easter Sunday – Resurrection of the Lord (April 5, 2015)

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