• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Icon dedicated to the memory of John Mogabgab

This week in her blog, Alive Now editor Beth Richardson tells about a new item in The Upper Room Art Museum, an icon dedicated to the memory of John Mogabgab:

      John Mogabgab


During this week’s Upper Room chapel service an icon, “The Beloved Disciple,” was dedicated to the memory of John S. Mogabgab, founding editor of the Weavings journal and beloved member of The Upper Room staff for thirty years. The icon will be featured in The Upper Room’s Christian Art Center and will be available for use in Upper Room events. Marjorie Thompson, John’s beloved, shared that John would have wanted us to know that he loved us and and that he felt great gratitude for The Upper Room and the staff.

icon “The Beloved Disciple” derives from John’s Gospel, in which the author indirectly alludes to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (13:23; 19:26; 20:2; and 21:7). The iconographer is Brother Claude Lane, a monk at Mount Angel Abbey, a Benedictine monastery just south of Portland, Oregon. In the icon, Jesus and John are together at the Last Supper – Jesus on the left, hand extended toward the bread and wine and John on the right, head bowed, ready to receive the Eucharist. The iconographer explains, “The words at the bottom of the picture are part of an interpretation of Psalm 84:3 –  My heart and my flesh cry out: O God, O living God! The partial anonymity of the Beloved Disciple invites us to place ourselves in this scene, becoming beloved disciples as well.

This quote from John was included in the bulletin:

“We are part of a larger reality, a vast vibrant community of meadow and mountain, water and sky, a great rush of life rich with possibility but also bounded by necessity. All things come and go. Whether this be a formula for weary resignation or for tranquil acceptance of the inevitable, the most we can hope for us that all things come and all things go, over and over again.”

– John Stevenson Mogabgab December 24, 1946 – August 8, 2014 Weavings, 2009

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