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Advent and Christmas 2015


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Devotional resources from Alive Now, including an inspirational photo of the day. 


Alive Now resources to help you celebrate the glory of the season.



Advent and Christmas resources from Upper Room Books.




Finding Each Other and Finding God—One can at a Time” by Catherine Cavanagh illustrates how Advent comes alive for the students in a Catholic high school in Ontario, Canada, when they get involved in a canned food drive to feed the hungry and discover the deeper meaning of the stories of the loaves and fishes, of talents grown, of the light in the stable that becomes light for the world.

Telephones, Christmas, and a Baby Named Emmanuel” by Dixon Kinser explores how technology, especially the invention of the telephone, has enabled us to connect with people who are far away and has helped us to understand that God IS with us. Emmanuel!

In the Bleak Midwinter” by Sarah Arthur introduces us to Christina Rossetti, the 19-century poet who wrote the Christmas carol “In the Bleak Midwinter” and reminds us that no matter how difficult or disappointing life may be, we can put our hope in God’s unfailing love this Christmas.


Loving Enemies: Living for God’s Kingdom” by Anne Crumpler includes the story of a Christmas Eve of peace and celebration between German and British soldiers in the trenches of World War I as the hope that we too could learn to love our enemies.

White Rabbit” by Avis Hoyt-O’Conner is a story of gift-giving and of what happens when our gifts are given in love. [This could also be used with children.]

The Cost of Peacemaking” by Will Penner makes the point that peace is costly, and yet we as Christians are called to risk being uncomfortable or unpopular in order to practice peace, to bestow peace, to enable peace, to reflect the peace of Christ.

Peace Be With You” by Robert Roth explores the meaning of peace and of being a peacemaker.

Learning Patience in Solitude” by Tom Arthur invites you to plan a post-Christmas silent retreat to reflect on your life and to begin to cultivate patience (or other virtues) in the New Year.



Why This Jubilee: Music is such an important part of Advent and Christmas. Can you imagine Advent without “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”? How about Christmas without carols like “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “Silent Night,” and “Joy to the World”?

It pleases the Lord Jesus when we sing of his coming with carols we know by heart. It pleases him even more when we think about the words we are singing.

In 24 reflections on well-known carols and Christmas songs, James Howell explores the birth of Jesus. He ponders the meaning of certain phrases from these songs and relates them to our daily lives.



Devotions for children and families to observe using an Advent wreath.




Reflect on the joyous gift God gives to the world:

Prepared to Enter Advent

Changing Landscape

Seeing the Signs

Keep Alert

Upside Down

Exiled from the Starts

Prayer for Joy

More online resources from Weavings Journal.


Celebrate this holy time with Weavings.


More Advent and Christmas resources from Discipleship Ministries.

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