• Sunday , 24 September 2017

Always a Page or Two Nearby

Braille reader for webCarole Soule’s copy of The Upper Room daily devotional guide is quite larger than copies used by other members of her church. While they receive the regular print version of “the little magazine,” she reads the braille edition each day.

The regular print edition easily fits in a pocket or handbag, but each issue of the current braille edition is a large 11 X 11 book with 140 pages. To ensure The Upper Room will be with her each day, Carole tears out a page—or several pages—from the large book when she knows she will be traveling.

“I need it every morning,” Carole says. Reading The Upper Room is such a daily habit for her that one time, when her copy arrived late, she felt its absence throughout each day.

Carole has subscribed to the braille edition of The Upper Room for three years. It gives her the opportunity to dialogue with her church family and enables them to read and pray together—alongside millions of other people in 100 countries, in 35 languages.

Carole loves The Upper Room because she can relate to the simple message written by everyday people around the world. “That’s probably one of the reasons I need it every morning.”



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