• Monday , 24 July 2017

Back to School Time!

Back to school time—love it or hate it, this yearly milestone has either already come or is coming soon to children near you! For the September issue of Pockets, editor Lynn Gilliam asked the readers of Pockets (kids ages 6-12) to share their tips for having a great school year. Here’s some real-life wisdom from them. (And, adults, check out how many of these apply to grown-up worklife as well!)

  1. Pray at the beginning of each school day and ask God to help you do your best. –Rachel, 10, New York
  2. Keep your desk clean and organized so you don’t get distracted. –Max, 9, Connecticut
  3. Set goals for yourself so that at the end of the year you can see how you did. –Lee, 12, Massachusetts
  4. Want friends? Look for someone people don’t usually notice. Chances are that person wants a friend, too, and you’ll be helping someone who may feel left out. –Olivia, 11, Rhode Island
  5. Being bullied? Remember who you are—God’s wonderful creation! Stand up for other people, too, for the same reason. And don’t ever be afraid to ask for help from adults—teachers, parents, principal, or a counselor. (This one is also from Olivia.)
  6. Games on the computer that help you practice spelling, math, etc. can make learning more fun. –Alina, 10, Washington
  7. Be respectful to all of your teachers. –Marcus, 11, Alabama
  8. Never cheat! Getting a lower grade is better than being dishonest. –Stephanie, 10, Washington
  9. Be yourself! You want people to like you for who you really are. –Emily, 12, California

And, finally, here’s one more from Olivia:

  1. Don’t like school? Try to remember that it’s a privilege to be able to learn. There are kids around the world who aren’t allowed to or can’t afford to go to school who would love to!

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