• Sunday , 23 July 2017

A Blessing from Argentina

During the World Methodist Conference in Houston, Texas earlier this month, Dr. Pablo Andiñach proudly displayed a meditation titled “Blessing” that he wrote for El Aposento Alto, the Spanish language edition of The Upper Room. Pablo’s words appear as the September 29, 2016 meditation in the Spanish language editions of the devotional guide.

Most meditations for The Upper Room appear on the same day in all 35 language editions. However, international editors are encouraged to make their particular edition culturally relevant by including meditations by local, regional writers when possible. 

At the event in Houston, which gathered together leaders from Wesleyan denominations around the world, Pablo led a seminar on “The Mission of God Through the People of God: Our Responsibility” and visited with staff from The Upper Room.

Pablo is a professor of Old Testament at Superior Evangelical Institute of Theological Studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 



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