• Friday , 22 September 2017

A Daily Routine


Stacey and Kirk

Stacey Robinson’s daily routine involves her guide dog Kirk and reading The Upper Room daily devotional on her Braille Display tablet. 

A long-time subscriber to the braille edition of The Upper Room, Stacey enjoys praying and reading with millions of people around the world. Just as digital editions of The Upper Room are available for the smart phones and tablets of sighted persons, Stacey is one of our braille subscribers who transitioned to digital delivery for her daily devotional guide in braille. 

Digital delivery is cheaper and faster, and more environmentally friendly. 

Every other month, the production department of The Upper Room gathers the files used for printing the large, as-big-as-a-bread-box paper braille editions. Upper Room magazine and book designer Nanci Lamar emails a digital document, called a Braille Reader File (BRF) to Stacey and five other blind persons who have requested the service. 

Using a device called a Braille Display connected to her computer or tablet, Stacey’s fingers feel the daily devotional guide. As the Braille Display scans a BRF of The Upper Room, tiny pins rise and fall through flat holes in the display surface creating the braille letters for Stacey’s hands to interpret.

The print braille edition and the BRF edition of The Upper Room are free for those requesting them, but they are not without cost. Donors like you make it possible for blind persons to join our worldwide community in reading the daily devotional and prayers. Currently, the printing of a one year subscription of the print braille edition is $30. The less-requested option, transmission of the BRF data to readers like Stacey is simply the cost of the data conversion and delivery, but the user must have a Braille Display device, which costs thousands of dollars. 

If you would like to know more about copies of either the print braille or BRF editions of The Upper Room, call 1-877-899-2781, ext 7212. 

If you would like to support the ministries of The Upper Room, including the braille edition, visit


For more information on braille readers, visit the American Foundation for the Blind’s website.

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