• Wednesday , 23 August 2017

Four Generations Sharing The Upper Room

mother-and-child-holding-hands1by Stacey Pardoe

“What are you reading today, Mom?” my five-year-old daughter asked, snuggling close with her chocolate milk and favorite stuffed bunny.

“It’s called The Upper Room, and it’s a bit of reading for the day to help me focus on Jesus,” I answered.

“Can you read it to me?” she begged.

Though I mostly longed for a quiet moment with my coffee and the Word of God, I read the Scripture and the meditation for the day to my little girl. She smiled and said very little, but I knew she was savoring every word.

It was later that day, talking on the phone with my mom, that I mentioned some online publications I’d been following. She said, “I remember your Grandma used to read one called The Upper Room. She would set it out on the table, like an invitation for us to pick it up and read it. That was before doing something like that seemed very meaningful, and it just felt like more reading after an hour of homework, but I often read it.”

I smiled to myself, considering the four generations of our family benefitting from The Upper Room. I’m thankful my grandmother took her faith seriously and aimed to teach the Word of God to her children, and I’m thankful my parents both did the same for me. As I aim to instill Biblical truths in lives of my children, I continue to seek practical ways to bring God’s Word to life. I’m thankful for the resources that help me fulfill God’s command to teach his Word to my children. One day, I pray my daughter will sit on the couch and share this same publication with her child.

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