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Hope Floats on the Amazon

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As a river pilot in Brazil, Andrei Brilhante Silva Costa guides cargo ships 900 twisting miles from the mouth of the Amazon River to the Port of Manaus, the busiest hub of the Amazon basin, where languages from around the world are spoken.

Last year, the 38-year old reader of The Upper Room longed for a way to cross language barriers and share his faith with his shipmates during the three-day journey to Manaus.

iStock_000000618389Large (1)Guiding tankers and cargo ships down the Amazon—avoiding shallow water and other unexpected obstacles—is a deliberate, slow-going task. The ships carry goods and supplies from around the world, and the international crews need the guidance of Brazilian pilots like Andrei, familiar with the river.

Since his father-in-law gave him a gift subscription to the Portuguese edition of The Upper Room two years ago, Andrei has read the devotional guide every day and has used it to start many conversations about faith.

With support from the Presbyterian Church of Brazil in Rio de Janerio and help from our International Ministries office in Nashville, Tennessee, Andrei now receives copies of The Upper Room daily devotional guide in seven languages.

Publishing partners from Hong Kong, the Philippines, and countries around the world work to ship boxes of the little magazine in Chinese, Ilokano, Spanish, Russian, English, Portuguese, and Hindi to Andrei’s home in Brazil.

“With this useful material in hand, I am able to share Christ with the mariners on our huge river,” he says.

The devotionals in The Upper Room, from ordinary people telling their stories, provide an easy way for Andrei to connect with others while on board a ship. Each issue of the magazine “contains sixty messages for sixty days,” he explains. “The Holy Spirit then does the work in the lives of the readers.”Book Covers used on Amazon RGB

In addition to ordering and personally distributing the devotional guide, Andrei is also a donor to the international editions of The Upper Room, helping us deliver a message of hope in 100 countries in 35 languages.

“This is a blessing of the Lord in the lives of many people, including me,” he says.

Thanks to Andrei, our international editors, and donors to our International Editions, the Amazon River is a place where the world meets to pray using the pages of The Upper Room.

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