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A Gift for Ninety Cents

Grandmother Roberts and Wallace

Mrs. J. W. Roberts with one of her grandchildren.

In 1936, Mary (Roberts) Love spent ninety cents and bought a gift subscription to a new little magazine for her mother, Mrs. J.W. Roberts.

Last week, John Love was sorting through family papers and came upon his mom’s cancelled check for his grandmother’s subscription to the same devotional guide he uses today. 

“Our family still uses The Upper Room daily after all of these years,” says John, now a proud grandfather and member of Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette, LA. 

The devotional guide was first published in 1935, just one year before Mrs. Roberts’ subscription began.

For five generations of this Louisiana family—for almost as many years as the guide has existed—The Upper Room has fulfilled the vision that it be a “family alter,” helping people grow a practice of daily prayer and Bible reading in the home.

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Mary and Jim Love, parents of John L. Love.

Mary and Jim Love, parents of John L. Love.


John L. Love (center) with his wife Janet M. Love (front right) pictured here with their children and grandchildren in 2009.

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