• Monday , 24 July 2017

Planning for the Waiting

On August 31 Upper Room Books team gathered for a daylong meeting to review our plans for the remainder of 2015. We discussed the “must dos,” the “should dos,” and the “won’t be able to dos” that were on our many lists. How strange it felt to be thinking of January 1, 2016 deadlines on a warm August day.

Even as we recognized that planning makes us more confident about accomplishing our tasks, we also realized that much of our work is not just about the doing. It is also about the waiting. We wait on paperwork, we wait on vendors, we wait on technology, we wait on each other. Planning for the waiting is as important as planning for the doing.

So amid all the scheduling, the tasks, and the end-of-year deadlines, we are grateful to be part of a ministry that allows us to plan for a special time of waiting—Advent. Each year the staff of The Upper Room plans for Advent, setting aside time for study, mission, and quiet waiting. We take time to walk alongside other Christians who throughout the ages have waited.

As the season of Advent draws near, we invite you to be a part of this waiting. Take time to prepare your heart for a season filled with blessings and joy. Together we can know that we are here to minister to others, to love one another, and to wait for the coming of the Christ child.

The Upper Room staff will be using the book Why This Jubilee? for our 2015 Advent study. Join us as we explore the meaning of certain phrases from Christmas carols and popular songs that inspire us.

Why This Jubilee

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