• Friday , 22 September 2017

Sharing Hope in the Philippines

Submitted by Earlie L. Pasion-Bautista, Discipleship Resources-Philippines Program Coordinator

The Upper Room Ilokano edition (produced in Manila, Philippines)

The Upper Room Ilokano edition (produced in Manila, Philippines)

Whenever given an opportunity, I ask church workers and lay persons how Siled ti Kararag, the Ilokano edition of The Upper Room, is helping them in their ministry here in the Philippines.

Beginning January 2014, we began including the “In Times of/For Help With” index page in our printing of The Upper Room.

In conversation with local pastors about the challenges they face in their church appointments, I learned how Siled ti Kararag is a helpful tool for various ministries.

One pastor, Joseph, talked about how difficult it is to compose messages for so many varying needs––like family visitations and special occasions.

He explains that sometimes there are days when a family calls for thanksgiving, another for a birthday celebration, another for prayer for the sick and other concerns.

For sudden invitations like these, pastors Nora and Jean use the “In Times of/For Help With” index page in Siled ti Kararag to select the right meditation to share in addition to their Biblical text interpretation. They keep past issues of the devotional magazine for this reason, too. Because some of the people Nora and Jean minister to also read Siled ti Kararag, sharing the meditations is a way to easily relate and start holy conversations, they said.

I also asked the pastors in my Christian education class for feedback in using the devotional magazine. They said the Wednesday meditations with small group questions are most helpful. They use them for family devotions and age-level group meetings––even when it isn’t a Wednesday. For them, Siled ti Kararag is relevant material in their ministry with youth and adults.

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