• Monday , 24 July 2017

Sharing The Upper Room in Bulgaria

From Lidiya Petrova (Bulgaria)


One beautiful day in September some years ago, I was walking in the park with my mother. We decided to leave some copies of the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, called Duchovna Manna, on the benches where many people rest and enjoy the wonderful weather.

It was very encouraging for us to see people take a seat on a bench and seeing the magazine, take it and start reading it carefully. The most encouraging thing was that nobody threw the magazine out, but all of them took it with them.

That day I was sure many new people were joining the worldwide prayer family of The Upper Room. My mother died three years ago. She taught me to read not only the Bible but The Upper Room every day.

Lidiya Petrova (Bulgaria)

Lidiya Petrova (Bulgaria)

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