• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Snow Day!!! for the Staff of The Upper Room

Over the past few weeks, the staff of The Upper Room have enjoyed/endured several snow days, a rarity for the Nashville-based team. Enjoy this reflection from Upper Room Books editor Anne Trudel.
  A-Trudel_Snow_square-edited-300x263"This morning I awoke to 3 inches of snow and quickly checked our phone number at work to call in case of bad weather; indeed, our workplace is closed today. I suppose I should be a dedicated employee and spend the day catching up on e-mail, ordering at least one author media kit, entering excerpts from our books and magazines for the Daily Reflections blog, and a bunch of other tasks. But wait! It’s a snow day.

"In Nashville we don’t see much snow.  The past few weeks have been “interesting,” as some would describe our weather, because we were paralyzed by an ice storm on Presidents’ Day (February 22), and last night another winter storm passed through. This time  we had rain, sleet, and then early this morning, snow. I couldn’t sleep well last night because I was thinking about the possibility of snow. There’s something a bit exciting to me about the prospect of being marooned for a day or two. (Of course, that’s assuming we have some food in our pantry and refrigerator, which we usually do.) The little kid inside me comes out when I hear about the prospect of snow, and I am over the moon when we actually get a snow day.

"I was thinking about the spiritual implications of my excitement. Could it be that I need an excuse to slow down? Maybe a snow day gives me permission to take a little extra time to read my Bible, pray more, and listen to what God is saying through the usually cram-packed days of my life? Sure, I pray and read my Bible, but do I really take time to listen to God and what message God may be trying to communicate to me?"


Anne Trudel is editor and author relations coordinator for Upper Room Books Marketing. She edits the Upper Room Books blog and enjoys occasional snow days. In addition to writing, she enjoys relaxing on snow days by cooking, working  jigsaw puzzles, reading, spending time with her husband, and taking a nap.

Originally posted on the Upper Room Books website.

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