• Friday , 22 September 2017

Staying Connected

Mark in Korea

Proud Army mom Phyllis Durante and her son Mark


For five months, Phyllis Durante’s son did not phone home.

As Phyllis wrote in her recent meditation for The Upper Room daily devotional guide, she was accustomed to receiving her son Mark’s regular letters, calls, and text messages while he was stationed overseas with the U.S. Army. His messages reassured her that he was safe and well.

Then something changed. Silence. No calls. No texts.

She missed hearing Mark’s voice and was worried.

“Even though I told myself, ‘No news is good news,’” the mother wrote, “I couldn’t help worrying about him. Every day I prayed, asking God to keep my son safe and protect him.”

On Mother’s Day, after five months of silence, Phyllis’ son called her. What joy! What relief! Phyllis said that moment brought the Luke 15 scene between the father and the prodigal son to life in her heart.

For me, Phyllis’ experience highlights the importance of The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry. When I read Phyllis’ meditation last month, it dawned on me: I was reading the same meditation as thousands of men and women serving in the U.S. military around the world. I realized service men and women like Mark, far from home, were able to hear a word of inspiration and encouragement because they had a copy of the devotional in hand, even when they couldn’t easily connect with loved ones back home.

Friends, by providing the devotional guide, The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry gives military and prison chaplains—and those they serve—a meaningful way to stay connected to God, to their families and churches, and to a worldwide community praying together.

Since World War II, when The Upper Room first sent copies of the devotional guide to military personnel, countless chaplains, other members of the armed services, and their familes have let us know that this simple little magazine means so much. It is a reminder of God’s presence in every situation.

Although we currently send chaplains 45,000 copies with each printing, we have more requests than we can fulfill. Your gift of $42 will provide a one-year subscription of 10 copies for a chaplain. Please know that 100% of your donation will help distribute The Upper Room to military and prison chaplains.

Imagine if every soldier had access to daily inspiration. Imagine mothers like Phyllis finding comfort by knowing that they, along with their deployed son or daughter, were reading the same meditation and praying the same prayer every day, even when they do not have daily contact.

Consider giving to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry today. Your gift makes a world of difference.

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