• Friday , 22 September 2017

A New Role for Jeannie Crawford-Lee

After fourteen years of service in several capacities, Jeannie Crawford-Lee is retiring from Upper Room Books. Jeannie came to the book department as an associate editor and then moved into a new capacity as developmental editor. She became the editorial director in 2012. During her time with Upper Room Books, she has helped over 100 books come to life for Upper Room readers.

In her retirement years, Jeannie will be taking on contract work and will serve as the editor of Weavings magazine. This shift in responsibility will give Jeannie the flexibility to spend more time with her family, while continuing her life of service to the community of those desiring quality reading of a spiritual nature.


20150127_143740 (1)

Staff of The Upper Room gathered to celebrate Jeannie Crawford-Lee on the week of her retirement. (Photo by Doug Hagler)


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