• Monday , 24 July 2017

Praying with the Wild Things from Weavings

Contributors to the various publications of The Upper Room help us find God in the things of every day. Enjoy these words from Jane Herring, in a recent post on the Weavings blog.


This little plot of nature that is our back yard yields surprises weekly. I often catch sight of rabbit and deer nibbling the grass, hummingbirds at the summer flowers, and always birds, squirrels and chipmunks. One night, upon returning from a late run to the grocery for eggs, I pulled up behind a coyote making its way up my drive. Last spring, a family of red fox made their home at the top of the hill near an old wood pile the former residents had chopped and stacked.

These wild things that inhabit our yard lift me with surprise and have made their way into my life with God. They snap me out of the rut I get into, that place of believing that I am my “to do” list. I get lost in the frustrations and pressures of the world. The wild things remind me:  I am a child of God, a part of creation.

Awakened in the middle of the night by a hoot owl in the walnut tree, I pull the curtains back and sit to pray in the moonlight.  Surprised by the scarlet flashes of cubs chasing each other across the top of the yard, I gather up my daughter, and we sit quietly watching, pressing each others hand when we catch glimpses of them. I cannot plan these moments. I have to drop what I am doing and meet them as they come with prayer, with shared silence, or with a pause of wonder.

I pray I am never so lost in my own plans that I do not stop in my tracks to watch a coyote trot along and disappear out of the reach of my headlights, then just sit a moment before the lighted dash, reciting the Lord’s Prayer. I hope this process continues in me that just the sight of the tops of trees swaying in wind as I sit at a stoplight brings me back to the fact that I have my very living and breathing in God.

Originally posted on the Weavings website.

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