• Friday , 22 September 2017

Sharing spiritual food in South Korea

From Hye Joon Yim, Seung Young Middle School

I was first introduced to The Upper Room daily devotional guide by the Christian Literature Society of Korea when I started teaching in 1982.

I am really thankful to have The Upper Room as a gift, just like the students and teachers at Seung Young Middle School.

Seung Young is a Christian private school located on an island of Incheon city, South Korea.

Every faculty member in the Christian private middle and high school start morning meetings by reading the meditation in The Upper Room.

Students reading TUR

The current president and minister of Seung Young purchased the school just as it was facing closing due to a decline in schooling in rural areas.

He has managed the school by praying from the bottom of his heart and loving it so much. God is blessing the school and leading us.

More and more students from Seoul and Kyunggi province are coming to the school. We now have 63 students and 12 faculty members.

It stirs my heart when I see students who did not know Jesus Christ come to this school, read the meditations of The Upper Room and then meet and love him.

The daily devotional guide is not only shared with students and faculty members at Seung Young.

The school’s president and minister leads Sunday afternoon services for marines on the island. He drives around the marine district and brings those allowed to attend religious services.

He leads services by growing their spirits with the Bible and by talking with them over delicious snacks.

He gives copies of The Upper Room to them, though there are not always enough, and recommends that they read the devotional every day, stressing how precious and blessed knowing Jesus in youth is.

Soldiers reading TUR

Everything is a blessing God prepared. I give deep gratitude for the grace that lets our school members and soldiers share the spiritual food of The Upper Room daily devotional guide.

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