• Sunday , 23 July 2017

Business UNusual for Emmaus Leaders

In October, 56 International Advisory Committee (IAC) members of Emmaus ministries met at The Upper Room in Nashville for three days for their annual meeting. IAC members enjoyed times of worship, fellowship, and discussion. The theme of the meeting was “Business Unusual,” highlighting new ways that our ministries will continue to grow and empower leaders to be the hands and feet of Christ. The predominant topic of the weekend was a ten-year strategic plan for Emmaus ministries. After years of listening, evaluation, and prayer this new plan will focus on four areas to grow:

  • Strengthening the existing,
  • Developing new gateways, 
  • Creating new partnerships and endorsements, and 
  • Exercising financial wisdom.

IAC members also discussed our new programs: Face to Face, Journey to the Table, and the acquisition of Discovery for middle school youth. At the end of the weekend, IAC members were sent out as ambassadors to share news and updates from their time together with their home communities.

IAC 2015

Pictured here: Near the closing of the October meeting, IAC members laid hands on and prayed for the International Emmaus Office team. Prayers were lifted in several languages, including Spanish, Korean, English, and Akan. (CREDIT: Mary Beth Klauer)

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