• Monday , 24 July 2017

First Walk to Emmaus in Nigeria

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After participating in various Walk to Emmaus weekends in Ghana and the U.S., 38 Methodist church leaders in Nigeria are shining a new light, bringing the experience back home to the west African country.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with one of the largest shipping ports on the continent of Africa, Lagos is a prime site for the emerging Lagos Nigeria Emmaus Community to be the hands and feet of Christ, helping Nigerians experience God’s agape love in new ways.

While Walk to Emmaus, a program ministry of The Upper Room since 1978, has over 620 communities in 44 countries around the world, this is the first to emerge in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is a special country, and the more help churches can offer to their local communities, the stronger their country will be,” says Stephane Brooks, director of Emmaus ministries at The Upper Room in Nashville. “The Walk to Emmaus is equipping men and women to go back to their churches to serve.”

With support from The Upper Room and Emmaus Communities in Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, as well as Oceanside Emmaus Community in Florida, 23 men and 22 women attended their first Walk to Emmaus in Nigeria in March. These events brought together leaders of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, laying the foundation for future Walks in their country. The Lagos Nigeria Emmaus Community has the potential to be the largest in Africa.

Walk to Emmaus seeks to inspire, challenge, and equip leaders for Christian action in their homes, places of work, and communities.

An estimated two million people have experienced a Walk to Emmaus weekend around the world. The spread of the program to places like Nigeria is possible because previous participants give support the global growth of the ministry through the Emmaus Gift fund.

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