• Monday , 24 July 2017

Creating and Recreating


Dr. Gennifer Brooks
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Today in The Upper Room Chapel, Rev. Dr. Gennifer Brooks, Styberg Professor of Preaching at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, shared a word about God’s covenant with us, using Genesis 9: 8-17, when God reveals a rainbow to Noah and Noah’s family.

“God is a creating and recreating God,” proclaimed Brooks, “a God who finds care and concern for ALL of creation in all its many, many colors.”

Brooks continued to share a prophetic message about God’s creating and recreating power, refusing to let any of us off the hook, particularly in the face of Black History Month (the shortest month of the year) and in the face of injustice toward black lives and black bodies in our current reality.

Often, it is not the perpetrators of violence toward black lives who are on trial, but the victims who end up being scrutinized, Brooks said as she recalled current events and moments in history.

Brooks made it clear that the God of the multicolored rainbow hates evil and injustice and calls us to join God in the creation and recreation of the world.

“Will you join God in all God’s colors?” Brooks implored.

With nodding heads and loud “Amens,” the gathered community in The Upper Room Chapel covenanted with God, yet again, to work toward justice, recreation, and care of the entire world.

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